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Subsurface Exploration

Subsurface exploration, NDT

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Properly planned subsurface exploration and the determination of subsurface conditions are of paramount importance. Inadequate subsurface exploration could result in lost time and cost overruns proving that the first step should always be to engage in detailed subsurface studies prior to initiating a project.

The purpose of subsurface exploration is to determine the physical characteristics of the soil and rock below the surface, for both engineering and environmental projects. Subsurface exploration also assists in the location of subsurface utilities (i.e., pipelines, tanks, etc.), and conditions of substructures.

Our subsurface exploration services include both intrusive and non-intrusive methods. The results of the subsurface investigations will aid in the planning, engineering design, development and construction phases of a project.

Applus RTD's subsurface exploration team has extensive knowledge and experience to provide clients with the needed resources to achieve the desired results.


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